God is illimitable. There is no restraint to Him, what restrains us does not restrain Him. The only challenge that God has with His people is that He is not going to do it all alone, He will do it with us and you must be in place so we want to come to face a situation that we also will know no restraints.

God will not work without His people; he is always looking for a man who can partner with him to reveal his limitless ability on the earth. With five loaves and two fishes He fed five thousand people. To walk with God in your own days, you must be fully conscious of the unlimited God.

That God is unlimited means the following, 1. There is no time limitation to Him: He works in the past, present and future. He is the only person that can go to your past to correct something that is affecting your today and can also go to your future to prepare something for you and then come back to your present to get you ready for that thing. He has no power limitation: whether spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, political, social, mental or any other power.

He can use any power.

unlimited god sermon

There is no personnel limitation to Him: He can use anybody. He used an ass to talk, He can use an angel. Many times, He uses the devil that is a strange statement Himself and the devil are not in partnership. He builds whatever the devil is doing into what will take a person to where he is going. Some of the worst enemies of the gospel are chosen already like Saul of Tarsus.

God works everything to the fulfillment of his purpose. There is no limitation in your past, present and future that can stop what God has decided to make of you. Everything that is against you will become his tool to bring to pass the very purpose he has for you. Bible in a year: EzekielHebrewsPsalmProverbs Psalm Jesus healed all who came to Him in faith. The apostle Peter healed individuals and the multitudes.

The apostle Paul had a remarkable record of ministering divine healing. Philip had great healings in Samaria. I will take away sickness from among you Pour oil into all the jars, and as each is filled, put it to one side. You and your sons can live on what is left. Matthew a There's More!

unlimited god sermon

Type a few keywords into the search box to find more of our sermons on topics of interest to you. Sharing is great! If this message has blessed you, please share it with your friends. Email them the browser link. Or you can post the link on your social media Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thank you for sharing God's Word! Copyright statement. God is all-powerfulall-knowing, all-capable. There is no limit to what God can do.

Yet despite this, to their own harm His followers tend to minimize God's unlimited power by erroneous thinking. Subscribe Psalm Israel diminished their expectations of our unlimited God. Not necessarily deliberately, but we still often diminish our expectations of His endless power on our behalf. His miraculous signs His wonders. Hers was unsound thinking. He is willing to heal! Jesus performed miracles in the first century; He is "the same today " and still does miracles in the 21st century.

They worked miracles among the people in times of old; they continue to work miracles in modern times.Mostly Sermons.

Sunday, October 23, God's Unlimited Grace. As sometimes happens, his misfortunes seem to have come quickly and have kind of piled up, one on top of the other.

No surprise, he was feeling overwhelmed. Actually, to be honest, reading his list of troubles, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, too!

I wrote back to him and told him that, actually, I never say that. What about them? Did God overburden them? And then how about this: when we see or hear about someone less fortunate, what do we often say?

Is Anything Too Hard For God? The Doctrine of God's Omnipotence

Do we really believe that God has withheld grace from all of these unfortunate people, while showering grace upon us? Are we so special or so deserving? Last Sunday we heard the parable about the widow and the judge and today we hear another parable, about a Pharisee and a tax collector praying, praying not quite together, in the Jerusalem Temple. In the New Testament, the Pharisees are usually depicted negatively.

In his prayer, the Pharisee seems to assume that the tax collector is beyond the grace of God. There but for the grace of God go I.

The Unlimited God - 1 Samuel 14:1-22

But, is the Pharisee so special? Now, when we hear about a tax collector, we probably think about the IRS and how nobody likes to pay taxes and many use every law and loophole they can to pay the absolute bare minimum of tax. They were Jews who worked for the Roman occupiers and who made their money by overcharging their own people.

They were traitors. Tax collectors were despised, the lowest of the low.Sermons on Matthew Shareable Christian Videos. Following Jesus.

Limiting the Unlimited God

Power Shifts. Surprise the World. Believer's need to come to an understanding of the power and privilege made available to us by virtue of our new position in Christthat is, that we have full access to God and thereby to a wealth of resources and blessings.

21/09/2014 18H00 Unlimited God

We live in a day that is tagged by increased availability of resources and information. Things which were at one time inaccessible are now readily available. Technological advancement puts things within reasonable reach. And so from the inception of the internet all it takes is the tap of button Scripture: Ephesians Denomination: Church Of God. For we do not have a high Scripture: Hebrews We have been forgiven much, therefore we must forgive others much. Scripture: Matthew Denomination: Baptist.

The gospel is available to all and we are the ones who are called to take it out to the people an audio version of this sermon is available at www. Acts I have a friend called Paul, One day Paul read a report in his local newspaper about his home town, Halifax.

The headline for this news story was Halifax the wild west of west Yorkshire. Basically the report was all about how Halifax town centre had become a no go area for many Scripture: Acts Denomination: Anglican. A sermon that uses the progression of God's l;ove through our life to explore how to share it. Unmistakable rythem of love. Today I want to explore with you 1 corinthians chapter Scripture: 1 Corinthians We serve a God that is unlimited.

He does not have any limits, except when we limit Him because of our unbelieve. Scripture: Psalms Scripture: Luke Scripture: Psalms When I speak about things, circumstances and even my city, do I realize that I am actually laying a foundation for my life and surroundings? Words are spirit vehicles. When you drive past a great Watermill in Rondebosch, Cape Town or even in the Great Karoo when you see a windmill — you see the instrument that actually are tapping in the wind that was there for ages but now are being harvested for good.

It is being used into an essential power source. My friend Francois du Toit said on his website www. We have discovered and mastered the technology of transmission and reception. Today the airwaves are bursting with intelligent information in full colour.

unlimited god sermon

It all remains invisible and inaudible until a receiver is tuned to a specific frequency. Wow — we are living and sitting between words and ideas flying around us and they are able with the right decoder to be forming our world. Romans NKJV. You our faith world is sustained what we hear or do not hear. What we believe comes to us. It is delivered in paper back, electronic format, by sms text messagesby television and billboards, it is broadcast on the airwaves and we hear it from our colleagues.

Words deceive us. Words transmit. Words are the very vehicles that will transport our fears or faith. You choose. Proverbs The Message. God spoke and He created the World. EX: Potchefstroom — how pastors told me that the type of people I am ministering do not live in Potch. So what did we do? I felt bad and wanted to leave the city. I was discouraged because I was not an amazing, anointed and appointed man of God for the hour of power… No my name is Willem, I attended 6 schools.

Took forever to finish my degree. Who am I.That sounds strange until you remember that we commonly speak of communicable diseases—diseases that can be spread from one person to another, such as chicken pox. Incommunicable diseases are those that cannot be spread from one person to another, such as rheumatoid arthritis or most forms of cancer. Incommunicable attributes are those that are unique to God and unshared in any way by his creatures.

I have always remembered that distinction because that was the subject of the very first question on my ordination exam almost 20 years ago—Define the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God and give an example of each. Talk about a tough way to get started. He can do with power anything that power can do. Said another way, God has the power to do all he wills to do. He has both the resources and the ability to work his will in every circumstance in the universe.

If you prefer a simpler definition, just think of these three words—"God is able. He is able to do everything he needs to do or wants to do. This doctrine is assumed everywhere in the Bible. One might easily find verses that either teach omnipotence or implicitly assume it. Although the word is not found in our modern translations, the concept might be truly said to be assumed on every page of the Bible.

Nothing is too hard for you. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Ephesians I am going to retrace his comments, with one or two slight changes.

He is able to do what we ask or imagine, for he reads our thoughts, and sometimes we imagine things for which we do not dare to ask. But he can do those things anyway.

He is able to do more than all we ask or imagine, because his expectations are higher than ours. As a simple summary statement we may say that there are no limits to what God can do because there are no limits to GOD. Among the many titles given to God in the Old Testament is one that relates directly to his omnipotence. In Genesis God speaks to 99 year old Abraham who has been promised a child by God.Reg Dunlap.

We cannot keep Him from managing the stars above us, but we can prevent Him from managing the soul within us. It is confining Him to a straight-jacket so He can't carry out His divine and dedicated purpose within us.

It is drawing a boundary line beyond which He must not pass. Think of it: God hangs the planets in outer space, but He has a difficult time managing the human heart because of man's resistance.

Imagine, the human heart, a throne-room that was meant for God, uprooted by man's pride to control his own life. We do indeed have a great God. Nothing is impossible with Him. By His mighty power He is able to accomplish all things. He is not bound by our human limitations such as time and place. He is completely unrestricted by anything in His sovereign will He desires to do. But though God is not restricted in Himself, He is restricted in us.

In the Psalm before us Asaph recounts the history of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the time of the reign of King David. He did this in order that the Jewish people would remember God's faithfulness in providing for them and God's mercy in protecting them throughout their existence as a chosen people. But also in this Psalm we discover the various ways Israel limited God from carrying out His plan and purpose for them. Let's think together how this was done by Israel of old and may be done by us of today.

Though there are many ways Israel limited God as found in this lengthy 78 th chapter of Psalms, permit me to lift out three of them.

unlimited god sermon

They limited God by their disobedience, by their disbelief, and by their deceitfulness. Do we not do the same? Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. Our goal is to help you and your church become all that God would have you be. Copyright Reg Dunlap Ministries.

Praise to the God of Unlimited Power

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